Super Long Zipline

Launching from a 24ft. tower on the side of a mountain, and reaching exhilarating speeds of up to 40mph, this 1,175ft. zip-line will test your true grit! Fun for all ages, your 3 year old toddler all the way up to your 103 year old grandma can enjoy this family friendly activity!

IMG_4674This activity is included at no additional charge for all scheduled camps (i.e. family camps, marriage retreats, etc.)

The cost to ride our Zip-line is only $15/person for the first ride and $5/additional rides, same day. To schedule your ride, call us at 479.677.3136

-Maximum weight 250 lbs.

-Minimum weight 70 lbs. (children under 70 lbs. must ride with another child of equal or smaller weight)

-Must be able to climb 24ft. launch tower ladder.

Fort Rock Family Camp
2533 Hwy 23
Combs, AR 72721

office. (479) 677-3136