Sanders Family, Georgia

“Hello Fort Rock & Forsyth Family, I just wanted to share something with you.  We had the priviledge of coming to Family Camp in June of 2010.  Of course our family had a great time, but what has suprised me the most is the LASTING impression it has made on my three young children.  They will still bring up things we did and just recently at a parent/teacher conference at school, I was blessed by the memories of Fort Rock.  As part of the normal course of the conference, the teacher showed me the writing samples that would be included my son’s  writing portfolio that they build from kindergarten through 3rd grade. He is currently in the first grade and seven years old.  When we came to Fort Rock, he was still five.  When I saw the sample, I teared up because I knew what he had written about immediately…not because of the writing itself, but because of the beautiful illustrations he had drawn.  He had drawn the main building there at Fort Rock, himself catching bugs, and our cabin.  Thank you for the ministry you have there at Fort Rock.  The memories really do last a lifetime…I just wanted to share this little story with you.”


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