2018 Special Events

For our 2018 Camp Season, we’ve brought on some incredible speakers…

CMOW “The Amazing Race” Men’s Camp

August 8-11, 18 More Information

Courageous Men of the Word‘s Annual men’s camp has continually been exciting and edifying for both father’s and sons! Men from all over have experienced this physically and spiritually challenging weekend and have gone away better fathers, husbands, and leaders for the cause of Christ. This camp, in particular, is a great way for men to fellowship together in wholesome and edifying conversation, building one another up to be greater likenesses of Christ.


American Homesteading Family Camp / Seminar

August 16-19, 18 More Information

Freedom Focus Family Camp

Aug. 30-Sep. 2, 18 More Information

The Darren Myers family with Freedom Focus have inspired a love for God and Country in the hearts of many at Fort Rock Family Camp. Their music and presentations focus around educating and motivating families to actively preserve their liberties by praying and seeking God along with getting involved in their own local governments. This camp has much to offer for parents and children alike and we hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to better understand how you can affect your community in a positive way.


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